Shamanic Journeying

  The shamanic journey is the foundation of the shamanic practice.

  like our ancestors from many different cultures, allow the drum to carry you into the Hidden Realms!

  Benefits include: 

 Creating close relationships with helping teachers and guides

 Receiving healing, any time, any place by your spirit helpers

Access to knowledge and guidance on your life’s journey.

it is empowering as it is a direct link to the spirit world and the many helpers available to you.

You can make this link to access knowledge and information : Any time.  Any place.  Anywhere.  Receive specific guidance such as “What is the next step in your life?”  “What can you do to help a specific situation?”  “What would happen if I ………….”  (We never ask a closed question that can only be answered by Yes or No)

Journeying is a process, a practice and a discipline that can support you throughout your life.

When we dream, we are accessing a different part of our consciousness.

When we “journey” we are accessing a different part of our consciousness.  Listening to a specific, steady beat of 4 to 7 beats per second assists us to shift into a deep state of  consciousness that allows us to access higher realms.  It is in this Theta state that we are able to access helping spirits, teachers, guides and angels and the wisdom of our own higher knowing. 

We are able to receive information, guidance and healing to assist us in our daily life and help us with life’s challenges so that we can live a life of harmony and balance in these changing times.

Upon completion of this class, you are eligible to attend any of the advanced classes and the  Shamanic Training Programs.

Live classes:  Two full days – 10am to 5pm
Cost:  $250

Neither drumming experience, nor a drum is required to take any class, but bring a drum or rattle if you have one!  You will also wish to bring to class an eye cover (bandana or eye pillow) a light blanket and writing materials to record your journeys.  You may wish to bring slippers for the group room and a bag lunch (that requires no cooking) or there is a nearby Tim Horton’s on King Street.  Bring your enthusiasm and an open mind!  This is a workshop that can change your life and you will never feel alone again!

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